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PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED is a young Danish design company founded in 2014 by former interior photographer Thomas Ibsen. Today he works as creative director with a focus on product development. In September 2016 Peter Mahler Sørensen joined the company as CEO and co-owner. Peter has great experience from many years in the branding, design, and furniture industry as CEO, board member, and advisor.

Our goal is to introduce designs which have the potential of becoming classics. Before we launch a new design, we always ask ourselves: Will this design in its entirety, become a long lasting object, we someday can pass on to our children?

Our design collection have its own characteristics with a focus on interaction, good craftsmanship, quality, materials and sustainability in terms of durable design.

We also distributes great products from dedicated brands, artists, designers and manufacturers, with the same ideologies as ourselves. We are proud that they trust us to represent them.

When asked why the company name is PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED we answer that our name sums up who we are; polite people with a keen interest in interior, with a sense of humor and both feet firmly on the ground. So next time you find yourself waiting for a table in a restaurant and see the sign, think of us.

We are very thankful for all the international attention we receive and we hope you will keep an eye on us. You’re always welcome to drop by our showroom for a cup of coffee and a chat next time you are in Copenhagen.