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TILDE GRYNNERUP is a talented artist based in Copenhagen. Her artistic journey has explored various medias, including textiles, conceptual art, and wood installations.
In her captivating artwork, humor and playfulness play vital roles, infusing her pieces with a sense of joy and amusement. As a curious wanderer herself, Tilde finds solace and relief in the world of art.

The love for woodwork runs in Tilde’s family; she grew up with her carpenter father and today they share a workshop nestled in the enchanting forest just outside Copenhagen.

Driven by social indignation and a deep-rooted curiosity about people, Tilde Grynnerup’s exploration as an artist has brought her work to the global stage over the past years. Her exhibitions have graced renowned cities such as London, Seoul and Paris, allowing her art to reach audiences from all corners of the world.

With her distinctive approach, Tilde Grynnerup continues to captivate viewers with her remarkable eye-catching colors and artwork. Her multidimensional exploration, coupled with her unwavering passion and social consciousness, makes her an artist of immense talent.


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