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Sharing its name with our next-nearest star (Proxima Centauri), this hanging glow-globe gives an ambient and diffuse, subtle yet all-round illumination that adds intimacy to your space.

The light from the PROXIMA Pendant is filtered through hundreds (we haven’t counted) of see-through apertures which angle the light in all directions. As it spreads through any room, its soft and cosy radiance creates a beautiful atmosphere after dark, when the party’s hotting up, or when you just want to give your room a flavour of intrigue.

With its simple shape and lightweight construction materials, the lamp is effortless to work with and a pleasure to handle. Made from a flat, blended-steel sheet and delivered as a flat pack, the lamp – diameter 46 cm – is assembled in no time, so you can test its effect on your space straightaway. As well as the classic fully brass version, we’re also pleased to offer a three-colour design, in Jaipur, Ash Grey and brass.